To Be Contained

Today's modular, sustainable container homes are the easy, affordable, eco-friendly, convenient and fast home solution for young adults who want to live a sophisticated and elegant, yet green, lifestyle - whether in a rural area, suburbia or a major city.

Our architect creates a plan to bring your dream home to life - and it's delivered to your doorstep.

To Be Contained is the frontier of new technologies disrupting the traditional site-built housing industry and creating modular, sustainable homes are :

  1. Green -Living in them is treading lightly on the Earth, minimizing your carbon footprint and saving energy.
  2. Modern - designed and customized to reflect your unique tastes and personality.
  3. Stylish, authentic and beautiful. One of the proudest days of your life will be when you first walk through your front door.
  4. Convenient. Our architect will walk you through the envisioning process and help walk you through the permit process. You’re in control. We build it in our factory and ship it do your doorstep, 95% complete - nearly ready to go. You just add furniture.
  5. Good for your community. We intend to help you revive urban neighborhoods, bringing back the spirit of togetherness - giving you a feeling of genuine connection with your neighbors.

We at To Be Contained have your back every step of the way.

Together, we’ll bring back a fresh spirit of community.

Container Homes