What You Get in a Modular, Sustainable Home

Here at To Be Contained we strive to give everyone the exciting, comfortable and convenient home they deserve.

We have a series of template floor plans to choose from, yet we recognize everybody has unique desires and different circumstances.

Therefore, one of our trained architects will walk you through your choices, and help you decide which model, together with which options, will provide you the lifestyle you’re seeking.

The templates start with a single 20-foot long module, then scale up as large as you need for yourself and your family.

Here’s What’s Included in All Our Modular Sustainable Homes :

  1. Wall panels
  2. Finished wood ceilings.
  3. Recessed LED pot lights.
  4. At least one door.
  5. Solid core interior doors.
  6. Built in closet space
  7. Flat stock baseboard trim
  8. Double Pane windows
  9. Vinyl plank flooring (light oak or light gray).
  1. Anything else required by your local building codes
  2. Kitchen cabinets (high gloss white or matte black).
  3. Kitchen & bathroom counters (crystal white quartz or carbon quartz).
  4. Electrical wiring and modern outlets - and hookups to your local grid.
  5. Floor and wall insulation to suit your local climate and your local building codes.
  6. Modern pipes and plumbing equipment, with hookups to your local water main and sewer system (though you hook up the toilet after delivery).

All To Be Contained homes arrive at your home site with the above items included. They’re around 95% complete.

Some final details cannot be done until after your home arrive. Of course that does include hooking up the utilities.

That’s why we recommend you work with a local contractor. You’ll especially need a contractor to help you set up many of the options you select.

You Make Your Home Just Right for You, so It Reflects Your Unique Style

Our architect will also explain your options, so your new home totally suits you.

Besides the above items that come with every house, you can choose from such options as :

A slanted roof Solar panels Air conditioner
Air forced heat pump Light sensors Aluminum or stucco siding
Steel accent interior panels Floor heating Canopy
Deck Balcony Melamine kitchen cabinets
Refrigerator Dishwasher Electric cooktop
Microwave Wall oven Smart thermostat
Security camera Speakers Wireless system
Touch screen door deadbolt lock Electric hot water tank Patio door
Wood soffits Energy recovery ventilators

Additionally :

Exterior claddings to make your home more beautiful while protecting it from the elements (charcoal, white or gray)

Any exterior additions required to fit in with the general aesthetic of your neighborhood so you comply with all local building codes and zoning requirements

Our architect will gladly explain everything you’re interested in.

After you complete your order, To Be Contained will manufacture your new home to your specifications, then deliver it to your doorstep.

Never before has such elegance, sophistication and luxury been so eco-friendly - and available at such an affordable price.

You Get :

  1. The most durable, stylish and most affordable housing available.
  2. Housing that’s green-friendly
  3. Customization to suit your unique needs and style
  4. Total ready-made, simple, refined and easy convenience - your home, delivered to your doorstep. All you do is add the furniture.

We work with your local building inspectors, fire marshals and contractors to ensure you meet all local regulations and restrictions. Click here now to get started