Modular Sustainable Homes are Disrupting the Old School House Construction Industry

The houses of the future are modular, sustainable - and available now.

They’re simple, easy - and delivered to your door, 95% ready to go.

They’re convenient, stylish - and customized to express your unique personality.

And they’re flexible enough to fit your available space and budget.

The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Making a Modular Sustainable House Your New Home :

  1. Because they’re 95% built off-site, they’re far more efficient and easier on the environment. They generate far less landfill waste than traditional site-built houses. And this eco-friendly advantage continues throughout their life because they require less energy to heat and cool.
  2. They’re simple and convenient. Everything comes ready-made, almost completely assembled.
  3. They’re fast. After you decide on the complete package, you move in about 90-105 days later.
  4. They’re flexible and customizable. You specify the options you want, to reflect your style and unique personality. You can add to your house in the future or even move it to a new location.
  5. They’re affordable.

One of our architects will explain all your options and draw up the plans.

After you place your final order, your home is delivered in about 90-105 days. (That varies based partly on the size of your house and where you live, because it must be transported.)

They come pre-assembled, almost ready to move into. It’s much easier than building a house the old-fashioned way.

We will work with your local building inspector to make sure you meet all local ordinances.

We'll also work with your local contractor so install your home so it meets all local ordinances and is safe and comfortable for you.

All you have to do is add the furniture.

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